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State of California AgencyPublic
   300 Capitol Mall, Suite 1850
   Sacramento  95814,  P.O. Box 942850
   Sacramento  94250
    Receptionist / General Information916-445-3028 
    California State Controller - Betty T. Yee916-445-3028
    Special Assistant - Kristine Odaly916-445-3028
    Chief Of Staff - Karen Greene Ross916-445-3028
    Administrative Assistant - Pam Sheppard916-445-3028
    Chief Operating Officer - George Lolas916-445-3028
    Chief Administrative Officer - Tom Yowell916-445-3028
    Executive Office Manager - Cheryl Prestia916-445-3028
    Deputy Controller, Legislative Affairs - Evan Goldberg916-445-3028
    Deputy Controller, Public Affairs - Nicole Winger916-445-3028
    Deputy Controller, Investments And Financial Management - Lynn Paquin916-445-3028
    Deputy Controller, Taxation - Yvette Stowers916-445-3028
    Press Secretary - Taryn Kinney916-445-3028
    Deputy Controller, Senior Financial Advisor - Vacant916-445-3028
    Deputy Controller, Health And Housing Policy - Alan Lofaso916-445-3028
    Deputy Controller, Environmental Policy - Anne Baker916-445-3028
    Director Of External Affairs, Northern Ca - John Kessler916-445-3028
    Chief Counsel - Richard J. Chivaro916-445-3028
    Administrative Assistant - Sarian Wyse916-445-3028
    Senior Staff Counsel - Ronald V. Placet916-445-3028
    Management Audit Review Services - Christian Okoye916-327-0698
    E E O/Recruitment/Disability Manager - Judy Lucas916-324-7205
    Disability Office - Tina Lebourveau916-323-3055
    Reception/Upward Mobility Coordinator - Ervey Martinez916-324-2223
    Civil Rights Analyst - Rubena Khan916-322-6205
  Fiscal Project, Partner Business Executive - Laurye Brownfield
   3301 C St., Suite 781-A
   Sacramento  95816
  Los Angeles Executive Office
   888 South Figueroa Street, Suite 2050
   Los Angeles  90017
    Assistant Deputy Controller - Becca Doten213-833-6010
    Director Of External Affairs, Southern Ca - Nicole Jones213-833-6010
    External Affairs Liaison - Maria Unzueta213-833-6010
    External Affairs Liaison - Thomas Wong213-833-6010
    Receptionist / General Information - Tabatha Hunter213-833-6010
  Human Resources 
    Chief - Gerard Anderson916-322-6203
    Assistant Chief - Suzanne Eaker916-322-6203
    Personnel Reception916-322-6203
    Workers Comp Manager - Priscilla Miranda916-322-1919
    Classification And Pay Manager - Christopher Norwood916-324-6750
    Examination Manager - Crystal Mar916-322-2791
    Safety Officer - Laura Silva916-324-3420
    Return To Work Coordinator - Lisa Losh916-322-1919
    Division Chief - Larry Norris916-323-8314
  Administrative Services
   300 Capitol Mall, Suite 1500
   Sacramento  95814
    General Information916-322-9055
    Bureau Chief, Budget & Contracts - Paula Harrod916-323-3568
    Departmental Accounting Officer - Marybeth Weeks916-322-5343
    Business Services Officer - Jeff Rowe916-322-2688
    Contracts And Procurement Officer- Susan Burgess916-322-0527
    Procurement, Small Business Adovcate - Michelle Cruz916-322-3011
    Budget Officer - Jennifer Urban916-324-2229
  Disbursements Bureau
   3301 C Street Suite 780A
   Sacramento  95816
    General Information916-445-3706
    Bureau Chief - Allan Watson916-323-5166
    Duplicate Warrants916-445-7789
    Forgery Claims916-323-5163
    Garnishment Warrant Issuance916-323-5161
    Payroll Redeposits916-323-5162
    Return Warrant Desk916-323-5162
    Warrant Release Desk916-445-6999
    Reproduction Services916-445-4554
  3301 C St., Suite 700
  Sacramento  95816
    Division Chief - Casandra Moore-Hudnall916-327-4144
    Assistant Division Chief, State Operations - Liz Cornell916-327-4144
    Assistant Division Chief, Local Operations - Jill Kanemasu916-327-4144
  Bureau Of Accounting & Consulting 
    Bureau Chief - Bertha Mejia916-322-7513
    Fiscal Control And Payroll Fiscal Consulting - Sonia Wynne916-322-9102
    State Accounting And Consulting - Lina Chan916-327-0069
  Bureau Of Cash Management 
    Bureau Chief - Coleen Morrow916-327-1751
    Cash Forecasting And Analysis - Anne Kato916-322-7448
    Bonds/Discharge - Humberto Perez916-322-7451
  Bureau Of Fiscal Implementation And Transition 
    Bureau Chief - Jocelyn Roubique916-322-7748
  Bureau Of State Government Reporting 
    Bureau Chief - Carlos Diaz916-323-2364
    Gaap Reporting - Emmanuel Lasu916-322-2952
    Budgetary/Legal - Yi-Wen Tsai916-322-4671
    Gaap Reporting - Renee Davenport916-324-8366
    State Reporting Policy - Vacant916-323-2364
  Bureau Of Administration 
    Bureau Chief - Steven Taketa916-322-9241
    Administration - Stacey Ragland916-319-8295
    Financial Information Systems And Technology - Larry Butler916-324-7794
    Legislation And Strategic Planning - Linda Lingbloom916-327-1744
  Bureau of Payments 
    Bureau Chief - Vacant 
    Apportionments - Jim Reisinger916-327-1714
    Fax - Apportionments916-327-2563
    Local Reimbursements - Jay Lal916-324-0256
  Bureau Of Local Government Policy And Reporting 
    Bureau Chief - Hitomi Sekine916-324-4011
    County Policy - Anita Dagan916-324-4112
    Local Government Reporting - Renee Hszieh916-322-6449
  Bureau Of Tax Administration And Government Compensation 
    Bureau Chief - Natalie Sidarous916-322-7453
    Property Tax Programs - Toll Free Line800-952-5661
    Fax - Property Tax Programs916-327-3921
    Property Tax Postponement - Lindsey Ross916-322-3881
    Government Compensation And Property Tax Collection - Karen Garcia916-445-5469
  3301 C St. Executive, Suite 715
  Sacramento  95816
    Reception/General Information - Field Audits916-324-8907
    Division Chief - Jeff Brownfield916-324-8907
    Administrative Assistant - Catherine Graves916-324-2940
    Chief, Special Projects - John Chen916-322-2460
    Chief, Special Projects - Walter Barnes916-327-5050
    Chief, Management Analysis & Technical Support Bureau - Ann Mansoor916-322-7518
    Chief, Quality Control & Training Bureau - William Ashby916-327-4336
    Chief, Financial Audits Bureau - Carolyn Baez916-322-4846
    Fax - Chief Financial Bureau916-327-8694
    Chief, Mandated Cost Audits Bureau - Jim Spano916-323-5849
    Chief, Community Related Audits Bureau - Lisa Hughes916-323-1770
    Fax - Community Related Audits Bureau916-327-3878
    Fax - Financial Audits Bureau916-324-0960
    Fax - Mandated Cost Audits Bureau916-327-7223
    Fax - Training916-327-8410
    Fax - Financial Audits Bureau916-323-3955
  Operations Bureau
   3301 C St., Suite 705 & 710
   Sacramento  95816
    Reception/General Information - Claim/Edp Audits916-445-3060
    Claims Inquiry Line916-445-3060
    Chief, Operations Bureau - Miguel Gonzalez916-323-1828
    Fax - Audits916-327-4694
    Chief, State Agency Audits Bureau - Andy Finlayson916-324-6310
    Chief, Information Technology & Unclaimed Property Audits Bureau (Itupa) - Kate Imura-Delmendo916-327-9786
    Fax - Itupa Audits916-327-6636
    Chief, Local Government Audits Bureau - Steve Mar916-324-7226
    Fax - Local Government Audits916-322-7517
  Southern California Office
   901 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 200
   Monterey Park  91754
    Reception/General Information323-981-6802
    Fax 1323-981-6811
  10600 White Rock Rd., Suite 141
  Rancho Cordova  95670
    Unclaimed Property - Toll Free Information Line (Within U S)800-992-4647
    Unclaimed Property - Local And Outside Of United States916-323-2827
    Division Chief - Gary Qualset916-464-6281
    Administrative Assistant - Celeste Amour916-464-6281
    Assistant Division Chief - Cathleen Dinubilo916-464-6281
    Chief, Administrative Services - Karen Gargan916-464-6251
    Administrative Support Services Facility Divcon - Juan Pimental916-464-6057
    Fax - Administration916-464-6221
  Operation Support 
    Chief, Operations Support - Kim Garcia916-464-6257
  Call Center And Special Operations Bureau 
    Bureau Chief - Priscilla Moss916-464-6237
  Accounting Bureau 
    Bureau Chief - Margit Miller916-464-6244
    Fax - Accounting Systems, Electronics Funds Transfer916-464-6224
  Consumer Services Bureau 
    Bureau Chief, Consumer Services - Darlene Silva916-464-6233
    Fax - Consumer Services/Research916-464-6228
  Holder Operations Bureau 
    Bureau Chief - Nancy Hollins916-464-6245
    Property Reporting916-464-6284
    Reporting Fax916-464-6223
  300 Capitol Mall, 2nd, 9th, 10th Floors
  Sacramento  95814
    Division Chief - Debra Spellman916-322-8080
    General Information916-445-5361
    Statewide Locator Service916-322-2760
  Administrative Support Unit 
    Manager - Marcy Maeda-Imai916-322-8106
    Program Management And Analysis Bureau Chief - Linda Matsuda-Sims916-322-8071
    Personnel/Payroll Operations916-322-7200
  300 Capitol Mall 8th and 10th Floors
  Sacramento  95814
    Project Director - Chris Maio916-322-3393
    Project Manager - Jil Barraza916-322-5291
    Chief, Technology Operations - Vacant 
    Chief, Business Operations - Vacant 
  300 Capitol Mall, Suite 700
  Sacramento  95814
    Chief Information Officer - Todd Boltjes916-322-3030
    Production Operations - Cindy Biggers916-322-1154
    Chief Information Security Officer, Suite 603 - Tom Gilbert916-445-1720

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