Agency Display

State of California AgencyPublic
   1300 I Street
   Sacramento  95814,  P.O. Box 944255
   Sacramento  94244-2550 
    General Information916-445-9555
    Job Hotline-Recording916-445-7676
    Sacramento Users (Public Use Only)916-322-3360
    TTY Sacramento Users916-324-5564
    Other Locations, No Charge To Calling Party800-952-5225
    TTY Only, No Charge To Calling Party800-952-5548
  Attorney General 
    Kamala D. Harris916-324-5437
    Scheduler-Anh Castro415-703-1008
    Scheduling Office916-324-5437
    Chief Deputy Attorney General-Rochelle C. East916-324-5435
    Chief Of Staff-Nathan R. Barankin916-324-5435
    Senior Counsel To The Attorney General-Michael Troncoso415-703-5725
  Special Assistant Attorney General 
    Travis Le Blanc415-703-5840
    Brian Nelson213-576-5779
  Equal Employment Rights & Resolution Office 
    Director-Linda Sawicki916-324-7557
  Legislative Affairs Office 
    Director-Marc Le Forestier916-324-5477
  Office Of Program Review And Audits 
    Director-Andrew Kraus916-445-1433
  Solicitor General/Opinion Unit 
    Manuel Medeiros916-323-1996
  Office Of Communications 
    Director-Shum Preston415-703-5834
  Public Inquiry Unit 
    Manager-Melissa Wiekel916-322-3360
    Executive Office Of The Attorney General 
    Manager-Sue Feldmann916-324-5437
    Director-Nancy Bell916-324-4404
    Executive Assistant-916-322-3834
    Personnel, Deputy Director-916-324-5043
    Fiscal & Facilities Mgmt., Assistant Director-Dave Harper916-322-2332
  Legal Support And Operations Branch 
    Statewide Manager-Laurie Denny916-327-7887
    Office Manager-Carrie Saulsberry, Acting916-327-0337
    Law Library Services 
    Statewide Manager-916-327-7865
    Law Practice Support Section 
    Statewide Manager-Charles Penn916-445-7773
    Legal Support Call Center866-775-4400
  Management Analysis & Policy Development Unit 
    Manager- Faye Isidro916-323-0527
  Accounting Office 
    Chief-Sumi Thomison916-324-5066
    Fiscal Systems Programs916-324-5119
    Grants And Travel916-327-4164
    Reimbursements, Pro Law/LTRS916-324-6678
    Cashiering/Revolving Fund916-327-4159
  Budget Office 
    Budget Officer-Jennifer Byington916-445-8215
  Office Of Professional Development 
  Office Of Departmental Services 
    Chief-William Holtz916-324-5015
    Business Services Section 
    Contracts And Purchasing916-322-5596
    Central Services Office 
    Central Services/Warehouse916-227-0640
    Print Shop916-322-9084
    Facilities Planning & Management916-327-7711
    Telecommunications Unit916-327-7711
  Personnel Programs 
    Personnel Officer-Mary Sayre916-324-3825
    General Information916-323-5580
    Transactions Unit916-324-7827
    Classification & Pay Unit916-324-3825
    Labor Relations Unit916-323-7387
    Recruitment & Retention Unit916-324-3879
    Risk Management Unit916-324-5058
    Testing & Selection Unit916-324-5047
  Case Management Section 
    Manager-Kathleen Newman916-322-9244
    Chief Assistant Attorney General-Alicia Fowler, Acting916-324-5431
    Admin. Assistant-Anecita Agustinez916-445-1970
  Business And Tax Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Paul Gifford510-622-2253
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-William Carter916-324-5159
  Correctional Law Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General- Jonathan Wolff415-703-1113
    David Carrasco916-323-1938
    Tracy Hendrickson916-323-7363
  Employment, Regulation And Administration Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Alicia Fowler916-322-1678
    David Neill916-324-3646
    Barbara Seidman916-322-5538
  Government Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Douglas Woods916-324-4663
    Supervising Assistant Attorney General-Constance Lelouis916-322-9357
  Health, Education And Welfare Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Julie Weng-Gutierrez916-445-8223
  Health Quality Enforcement Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Carlos Ramirez213-897-6924
  Licensing Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Alfredo Terrazas510-622-2220
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Arthur D. Taggart916-324-5339
    Janice K. Lachman916-445-7384
  Privacy Enforcement & Protection Unit 
    Director Of Privacy Education And Policy-Joanne Mcnabb916-323-1908
    Sarah Dalton916-322-4301
  Tort And Condemnation Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Steve Gevercer916-322-7487
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Alberto Gonzales916-324-5374
    Tom McCrackin916-323-5266
   4949 Broadway
   Sacramento  95820,  P.O. Box 903417
   Sacramento  94203-4170
    Director-Cuong D. Nguyen916-227-3043
    Chief Information Officer-Adrian Farley916-227-3122
    Executive Assistant-916-227-3043
  Operations Support Program 
    Manager-Denise Blaton916-227-3736
  Criminal Identification & Investigation Services, Bureau Of
   4949 Broadway
   Sacramento  95820,  P.O. Box 903417
   Sacramento  94203
    Bureau Chief-Linda Denly916-227-3541
    Identification And Registration Branch 
    Assistant Bureau Chief-Jenny Reich916-227-2372
    Cal I D Program-Keith Dann916-227-1134
    A F I S Identification Section-Michael Gilliam916-227-3351
    Fingerprint Identification Section-Vacant 
    Automated Latent Print Section-Derrick Morisawa/Janendra Kumar916-227-3314
    Violent Crime Information Center-Linda Schweig916-227-1174
    C A Sex & Arson Registration Implementation Program-Alyson Lunetta916-227-3520
    C A Sex & Arson Registration Unit916-227-3288
    Sex Offender Tracking Program-Tina Farales916-227-3878
    Investigative Services Program-Erin Brooks916-227-4960
    Missing And Unidentified Persons Main Line916-227-3290
    24-Hour Missing Persons Hotline800-222-3463
    Client Services Branch 
    Assistant Bureau Chief-Arwen Flint916-227-0821
    Client Services Program-Katherine Ellis916-227-5695
    Support Services-Patti Turner916-227-0144
    Audit, Inspections & Training-Vacant 
    Special Projects-Kim Taylor916-227-6010
    Law Enforcement Support Program-Mike Small916-227-3324
    Investigative Database Services Section-Lydia Pantoja916-227-3732
    Information Expedite Services Section-Mike Van Winkle916-227-3347
    Command Center - 24/7916-227-3244
    Identity Theft Hotline888-880-0240
  Criminal Information & Analysis, Bureau Of
   4949 Broadway
   Sacramento  95820,  P.O. Box 903387
   Sacramento  94203
    Bureau Chief-Julie Basco916-227-3854
    Record Management Branch 
    Assistant Bureau Chief-Tammy Lopes916-227-4777
    Criminal Offender Program-Vacant 
    Criminal Record Update Section-Alfred Boehm916-227-3406
    Quality Update & Expedite Section-Troy Meza916-227-3887
    Imaging & Record Services Program-Vacant916-227-3395
    Record Access And Quality Control Branch 
    Assistant Bureau Chief-Vacant 
    Criminal Justice Statistics Center-Lee Britton916-227-3282
    System Support Program-Martha Cook916-227-0274
    Quality Control Program-Christina Byrnes916-227-3721
    Probelm Resolution Section-Fae Minabe916-227-3249
    C A C I Expedite/Brady Bill/Marijuana Purge Units-Marco Flores916-227-5050
    Applicant Record And Certification Branch 
    Assistant Bureau Chief-Christina Rogers916-227-3059
    Applicant Program-Vacant 
    Applicant Response Section-Tere Nerida916-227-3809
    F B I Response Unit/C A C I Response Unit-Madelyn Childs916-227-3263
    Applicant Information And Certification Program-Vera Gaters-Abel916-227-3376
    Criminal Justice Information Technology Services Bureau 
    Bureau Chief-916-227-1338
    Executive Assistant-Serene Paredes916-227-5523
    Criminal Justice Information Systems Branch-Amber Dow916-227-3112
    Division Of Law Enforcement Systems Branch-Joe Dominic916-227-1353
    Integrated Applications & Services Branch-Chris Mc Calanahan916-227-3237
    Legal/Executive/D A S/I T Services Branch-Debbie Ramsey916-869-2898
    Information Technology Support Services Branch-Chris Chambers916-227-5236
    Strategic Transport & Technology Services Branch-Vacant 
    Production And Network Services Branch-Amy Peters916-227-2815
    Computer Operations Center 
    Information (24 Hours)916-227-3000
    Chief Assistant Attorney General-Dane Gillette916-324-5293
    Administrative Assistant-Celia Parks916-445-2030
  Appeals, Writs And Trials Program 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Dane Gillette916-324-5261
    Capital Case 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Ward Campbell916-324-5251
    Federal Habeas 
    Brian Means916-324-5254
    Louis M. Vasquez559-477-1668
  Correctional Writs And Appeals Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Julie Garland619-645-2604
  Medi-Cal Fraud & Elder Abuse Program 
    Director-Mark Geiger916-263-2533
    Drug Pricing Team-Brain Frankel619-688-6065
    Investigations-Chief San Martin916-274-2943
    Prosecutions-Chief Mark Zahner916-274-2904
    Department Of Justice Administrator-Victoria Sawyer916-263-0406
  Burbank Field Office
   303 North Glenoaks Blvd., Suite 900
   Burbank  91502
    Supervisor Deputy Attorney-Steven Smith818-556-2929
  Fresno Field Office
   1625 East Shaw Ave., Suite 108
   Fresno  93710
    Special Agent Supervisor-Matt Knittle559-297-5423
  Laguna Woods Office
   24361 El Toro Rd., Suite 215
   Laguna Woods  92637
    Investigations-Special Agent Supervisor-Shawn Collins949-588-3883
  Long Beach Field Office
   3950 Paramount Blvd., Suite 220
   Lakewood  90712
    Special Agent Supervisor-Larry Hyatt562-425-0139
  Pleasanton Field Office
   4473 Willow Road, Suite 200
   Pleasanton  94588-8581
    Investigations-Assistant Chief-Larry Newman925-520-6426
  Riverside Field Office
   2280 Market Street, Suite 240
   Riverside  92501
    Special Agent Supervisor-Richard Bass951-248-2228
  Sacramento Field Office
   1425 River Park Dr., Suite 300
   Sacramento  95815
    Special Agent Supervisor-Keith Overbey916-274-2911
    Investigations-Assistant Chief-Larry Menard916-263-0809
  San Diego Field Office
   1455 Frazee Rd., Suite 315
   San Diego  92108
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Nicholas Paul619-688-6099
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Brian Frankel619-688-6065
    Investigations-Senior Assistant Chief-Tony Sidley619-688-6162
    Investigations-Assistant Chief-Joseph Fendrick619-688-3366
  San Francisco Field Office
   455 Golden Gate Ave., Suite 11000
   San Francisco  94102
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-John Dower415-703-5785
  West Covina Field Office
   1050 Lakes Dr., Suite 440
   West Covina  91790
    Special Agent Supervisor-Alan Jordan626-917-8427
  Special Crimes Unit 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Ron Smetana415-703-5856
  Spousal Abuser Prosecution Program 
  1300 I Street, 11th Flr.
  Sacramento  95814
    Director-Larry Wallace916-319-8200
    Assistant Director-Richard Lopes916-319-8200
    Executive Assistant-Danielle Hartley916-319-8204
  Office Of The Director 
    Special Agent Training- Ed Plantaric916-464-5654
    Manager-Stacey Luna916-319-8248
    Facility Protection & Security Office 
    Special Agent- Robert Walker916-799-1401
  Security Office Of Attorney General Headquarters
   1300 I Street
   Sacramento  95814
    Supervisor- Will Grayson 
    Floor 1 Lobby Security Station916-327-7888
    Floor 11 Security Office916-322-3793
    Professional Standards & Backgrounds 
    Special Agent Supervisor- Nathan Davalle916-319-8266
    Radio Communications 
    Manager- Stephen Virdure916-464-5660
    California Witnes Relocation And Assistance Program 
    Main Line916-319-9603
  Forensic Services, Bureau Of
   PO Box 161089
   Sacramento  95816
    Administrative Manager- Stacy Thomas916-227-5610
    Blood Alcohol Reimbursement Program 
    DNA Programs 
    Assistant Bureau Chief-Eva Steinberger510-620-3300
    Latent Prints Program 
    Supervisors- Felita Chapman/Krishna Naicker916-227-3797
    Digial Evidence 
    Kurtis Smith-Lab Director916-227-3623
    Toxicology Laboratory 
    Supervisors- Dan Coleman/Nathan Sato916-227-3620
    Library Services 
    Supervisor-Waheed A. Jawadi916-227-3575
  Criminalistics Laboratories 
  California Criminalistic Institute
   11181 Sun Center Drive
   Rancho Cordova  95670
  Chico-Tom Keener, Assistant Lab Director
   3870 Morrow Ln., Suite A
   Chico  95928
  Eureka-Toby Baxter, Assistant Lab Director
   1011 W. Wabash
   Eureka  95501
  Freedom-Meghan Kinney, Assistant Lab Director
   440 Airport Blvd., Building A
   Watsonville  95076
  Fresno-Delia Frausto-Heredia, Lab Director
   5311 North Woodrow
   Fresno  93740
  Redding-Joseph Rynearson, Lab Director
   9737 Tanqueray Court
   Redding  96003
  DNA Richmond Laboratory-Eva Steinberger, Assistant Bureau Chief
   1001 West Cutting Blvd., Suite 110
   Richmond  94804
  Riverside-Caroline Kim, Lab Director
   7425 Mission Boulevard
   Riverside  92509
  Sacramento-Kurtis Smith, Lab Director
   4949 Broadway, Room F201
   Sacramento  95820
  Santa Barbara-Charlene Marie, Lab Director
   155 David Love Place
   Goleta  93117
  Santa Rosa-Katina Repp, Assistant Lab Director
   410 Russell Avenue
   Santa Rosa  95403
  Investigation, California Bureau Of Headquarter S Office
   1300 I Street, Suite 1140
   Sacramento  95814
    Main Line916-319-9735
    Chief-Kent Shaw916-319-8299
    Acting Assistant Chief- Janette Gunther-Allen916-319-8554
    Agpa- Vacant916-319-8244
    Ssa- Patricia Perez916-319-8594
    Ot- Stacey Goulart916-319-9130
  Fresno Office
   1735 E Street
   Fresno  93706
  Sacramento Office Broadway
   4949 Broadway, B222
   Sacramento  95820
  Sacramento Office Downtown
   1300 I Street, 11th and 12th Floors
   Sacramento  95814
  Los Angeles Office
   5700 S. Eastern Avenue
   Los Angeles  90040
  Riverside Office
   829 Marlborough Ave
   Riverside  92507
  San Diego Office
   9425 Chesapeake Drive
   San Diego  92123
  Clandestine Lab
   829 Marlborough Avenue
   Riverside  92507
  Controlled Sustance Utilization Review & Evaluation System
   4949 Broadway, Room B222
   Sacramento  95820
  Western States Information Network
   P.O. Box 903198
   Sacramento  94203-1980
    Doja Ii- Glenn Gatbonton916-263-1166
   P.O. Box 160487
   Sacramento  95816
    General Information916-227-4010
    Bureau Chief- Stephen Lindley916-227-4010
    Assistant Bureau Chief- Vacant916-227-4010
    Assitant Bureau Chief- Steve Buford916-227-4010
    Special Agent In Charge- North- Brent Orick916-227-4010
    Special Agent In Charge- South- Tony Ladell858-268-5300
    Training Information & Compliance Section916-227-7527
    Fresno Regional Office559-457-5000
    Sacramento Regional Office916-227-4010
    Los Angeles Regional Office323-869-6800
    Riverside Field Office951-752-4313
    San Diego Field Office858-268-5300
  4949 Broadway, E-231
  Sacramento  95820
    General Information916-227-3584
    Bureau Chief- Wayne J. Quint Jr.916-227-3021
    Assistant Bureau Chief-Martin Horan Jr.916-227-2366
    Assistant Bureau Chief-Norm Pierce916-227-2363
    Assistant Bureau Chief- Stacey Luna916-227-2314
    Administrative Assistant-Lisa Ramirez916-227-2377
    Administration Program 
    Manager Fai Callaway-Lloyd916-227-2839
    Compliance And Enforcement Section North 
    Special Agent In Charge-James Parker916-227-1239
    Compliance And Enforcement Section South 
    Special Agent In Charge-David Vialpando951-320-2317
    Audits Section 
    Senior Management Auditor- Vacant 
    Special Programs 
    Special Agent In Charge-Michael "Shane" Redmond916-227-3524
    Tribal Licensing Section 
    Card Room Licensing Section 
    Chief Assistant Attorney General-Mark Breckler916-322-8150
    Administrative Assistant-916-445-2032
  Antitrust Law Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Kathleen Foote415-703-5555
  Charitable Trusts Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Belinda Johns415-703-1120
  Civil Rights Enforcement Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Louis Verdugo213-897-2177
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Angela Sierra213-620-6312
  Consumer Law Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Frances Grunder415-703-5723
  Corporate Fraud Section-False Claims Unit 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Martin Goyette415-703-5940
  Environment Law Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Sally Magnani916-322-1802
  Indian & Gaming Law Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Sandra Drake916-324-5375
  Land Law Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-John Saurenman213-897-2702
  Natural Resources Law Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Kate Kenealy213-897-2605
  Registry Of Charitable Trusts 
    Registrar-Kevis Foley916-324-5498
  Tobacco Litigation & Enforcement Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Karen Leaf916-323-3804
  300 S. Spring Street
  Los Angeles  90013
  Executive Office 
    Attorney General-Kamala D. Harris213-897-2000
  Civil Law Division (Los Angeles) 
    Chief Assistant Attorney General-David Chaney213-897-2492
    Business & Tax Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Dean Freeman213-897-2489
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Felix Leatherwood213-897-2489
    Employment, Regulation & Administration Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Jacob Appelsmith916-445-4909
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Silvia Diaz213-897-2122
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Elizabeth Hong213-897-2111
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Celine Cooper213-897-6374
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Michael E. Whitaker213-897-2092
    Health, Education & Welfare Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Douglas Press415-703-5540
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-John H. Sanders213-897-2444
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Leslie Mcelroy213-897-2532
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Richard Waldow213-897-2456
    Health Quality Enforcement Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Carlos Ramirez213-897-6924
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Robert Bell213-897-2556
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Paul Ament213-897-2555
    Licensing Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Alfredo Terrazas510-622-2220
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Karen Chappelle213-897-8944
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Gloria Barrios213-897-2540
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Jennifer Cady213-897-2442
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Marc Greenbaum213-897-2579
    Tort & Condemnation Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-James Schiavenza916-324-5332
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Richard Rojo213-897-2134
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Marsha Miller213-897-2136
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Joel Davis213-897-2130
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Pamela Holmes213-897-2120
  Criminal Law Division (Los Angeles) 
    Appeals, Writs And Trials Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Pamela C. Hamanaka213-897-2382
    Supervising Deputy Attorneys General 
    Keith Borjon213-897-2362
    Paul Roadarmel213-897-2396
    Victoria Wilson213-897-2357
    Scott Taryle213-897-2363
    Margaret Maxwell213-897-2282
    Robert F. Katz213-897-2384
    Susan Martynec213-897-2250
    Steven D. Matthews213-897-2367
    Carol W. Pollack213-897-2248
    Mary E. Sanchez213-897-2364
    Lance E. Winters213-576-1347
    Correctional Law Section 
    Lead Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Darrell Lepkowsky619-645-2615
  Medi-Cal Fraud, Bureau Of (Burbank) 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Sue Melton818-295-2680
    Investigations-Assistant Chief-Tony Sidley619-688-6162
  Public Rights Division (Los Angeles) 
    Antitrust Law Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Barbara Motz213-897-2691
    Charitable Trusts Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-James M. Cordi213-897-2180
    Civil Rights Enforcement Unit 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Louis Verdugo213-897-2177
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Angela Sierra213-620-6312
    Environment Law Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Theodora Berger213-897-2603
    Senior Deputy Attorney General-Don Robinson213-897-2611
    Land Law Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-John Saurenman213-897-2702
    Natural Resources Law Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Richard Magasin213-897-2609
  Law Library (Los Angeles) 
    Janet Raffalow213-897-2319
  Legal Support Services 
    Manager-Rosemary P. Orrico213-897-2755
    Supervisor-Beverly Biggs213-897-2187
    Supervisor-Fe Tamayo213-897-2708
    Supervisor-Aurora Sison213-897-2648
    Supervisor-Cris Ramm213-897-7146
    Administrator-Bella Serrano213-620-6431
  Support Services 
    Business Services-Fe Tamayo213-897-2708
    Central Files & Docketing213-897-2199
    Mail Room213-897-2214
    Network & Technology Services213-897-4480
    Parking Coordinator213-897-7635
    Public Inquiry Unit213-897-2000
    Reproduction Services213-897-2210
    State Services Training Unit213-897-9506
   1515 Clay St., 20th Floor
   Oakland  94612-1413,  P.O. Box 70550
   Oakland  94612-0550
    General Information510-622-2100
  Executive Office 
    Attorney General-Kamala D. Harris510-622-4180
    Special Assistant Attorney General-Cliff Rechschaffen510-622-2260
  Civil Law Division (Oakland) 
    Employment, Regulation & Administration Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Miguel Neri510-622-2205
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Fiel Tigno510-622-2204
    Health Quality Enforcement Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Vivien Hara415-703-5513
    Licensing Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Alfredo Terrazas510-622-2220
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Wilbert Bennett510-622-2134
    Tort & Condemnation Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Tyler Pon510-622-2060
  Public Rights Division (Oakland) 
    Energy And Corporate Responsibility Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Mark Breckler415-703-5569
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Martin Goyette510-622-2207
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Damon Connolly510-622-2215
    Environment Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Ken Alex510-622-2137
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Edward Weil510-622-2149
    Land Law Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Matt Rodriquez510-622-2143
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Joseph Barbieri510-622-2139
    Natural Resources Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Mary Hackenbracht510-622-2140
  Law Library (Oakland) 
    Elizabeth Graham510-622-2229
  Legal Support Services (Oakland) 
    Office Manager-Patricia Mota510-622-2248
    Supervisor-Barbara Fenley510-622-2170
    Supervisor-Nettie Thompson510-622-2128
    Supervisor-Regina Peoples510-622-2279
  Support Services 
    Building Lobby510-622-2000
    Duplication Unit510-622-2166
    Form Files510-622-2248
    Mail Room510-622-2273
    Network & Technology Services510-622-2275
    Public Inquiry Unit800-952-5225
    State Services Training Unit510-622-2260
  Medi-Cal Fraud, Bureau Of (Pleasanton)
   4473 Willow Road, Suite 200
   Pleasanton  94588-8581
    Investigations-Assistant Chief-Larry Newman925-520-6426
   110 W. A St., Suite 1100
   San Diego  92101,  P.O. Box 85266
   San Diego  92186-5266
    General Information619-645-2001
  Executive Office 
    Attorney General-Kamala D. Harris619-645-2327
    Support Services619-645-2136
    Court Filing619-645-2156
    Mail Room619-645-2147
    Medical Fraud Unit Complaint Line800-722-0432
    Information Technology Support Section-Help Desk866-775-4400
    Office Manager-Yvonne S. Kerns619-645-2136
    Registration Fees & Membership Dues916-324-5085
    Staff Services Trainers619-645-2172
  Civil Law Division (San Diego) 
    Employment, Regulation & Administration Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Chris Knudsen619-645-3060
    Health Quality Enforcement Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Thomas Lazar619-645-2117
    Licensing Section 
    Lead Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Margaret A. Lafko619-645-2064
    Tort & Condemnation Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Kristin Hogue619-645-2024
  Criminal Law Division (San Diego) 
    Appeals, Writs And Trials Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Gary W. Schons619-645-2275
    Deputy Senior Assistant Attorney General-Jeffrey Koch619-645-2213
    Supervising Deputy Attorneys General 
    Kevin Vienna619-645-2198
    Barry Carlton619-645-2272
    Jim Dutton619-645-2212
    Lilia Garcia619-645-2199
    Gil Gonzalez619-645-2200
    Rhonda Cartwright Ladendorf619-645-2106
    Steve Oetting619-645-2206
    Pamela Ratner-Sobeck619-645-2273
    Peter Quon619-645-2038
    Correctional Law Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Michelle Desjardins619-645-2295
    Correctional Writs & Appeals Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Julie Garland619-645-2604
  Medi-Cal Fraud & Elder Abuse, Bureau Of (San Diego) 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Brian Frankel619-688-6065
    Investigations Unit619-688-6800
    Senior Special Agent In Charge-Tony Sidley619-688-6162
    Supervising Special Agent-Joe Fendrick619-688-3366
  Public Rights Division (San Diego) 
    Consumer Law Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Albert N. Sheldon619-645-2089
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Sanford Feldman619-645-2079
    Land Law Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Jamee Patterson619-645-2023
    Environment Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Tim Patterson619-645-2013
    Natural Resources Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Carol Squire619-645-2219
  455 Golden Gate Ave., Suite 11000
  San Francisco  94102-3664
    General Information/Main Reception415-703-5500
    Main Fax415-703-5480
  Executive Office 
    Attorney General-Kamala D. Harris415-703-1010
    Scheduling Director-Kathy Baldree415-703-1010
    Special Assistant To The Attorney General-Noelle Quattrin415-703-1032
    Support Services 
    Office Services And Supplies415-703-1020
    Central Files & Docketing415-703-1019
    Mail Room415-703-5804
    Law Library415-703-5786
    Litigation Support415-703-5787
    Information Technology Support415-703-5807
    Office Manager415-703-5728
    Staff Services Training415-703-5788
  Civil Law Division (San Francisco) 
    Business & Tax Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Randall Borcherding415-703-5509
  Corporate Fraud Section-False Claims Unit 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Mark Breckler415-703-5569
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Jacqeline Dale415-703-5592
    Correctional Law Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Francis Grunder415-703-5723
    Supervising Deputy Attorneys General: 
    Rochelle East415-703-5711
    Michael Jorgenson415-703-5629
    Thomas Patterson415-703-5727
    John Wolf415-703-1113
    Health, Education & Welfare Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Doug Press415-703-5540
    Supervising Attorney General-Karin Schwartz415-703-1382
    Health Quality Enforcement Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Jose Guerrero415-703-5585
    Licensing Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Frank Pacoe415-703-5556
    Tort & Condemnation Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Paul Hammerness415-703-5520
  Criminal Law Division (San Francisco) 
    Appeals, Writs & Trials Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Gerald Engler415-703-1361
    Supervising Deputy Attorneys General 
    Joyce Blair415-703-5861
    Rene Chacon415-703-5957
    Stan Helfman415-703-5854
    Martin Kaye415-703-5853
    Catherine Rivlin415-703-5977
    Peggy Ruffra415-703-1362
    Seth Schalit415-703-1371
    Laurence Sullivan415-703-5849
    Correctional Writs & Appeals Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Anya Binsacca415-703-5713
    Research Advisory Panel 
    Executive Secretary- Jennifer Anh415-703-1373
    Statewide Capital Coordinator 
    Ronald Matthias415-703-5858
    Special Crimes Unit 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Ron Smetana415-703-5856
  Correctional Law Section (San Francisco) 
    Senior Assistant Attorneys General-Frances Grunder415-703-5723
    Anya Binsacca415-703-5713
    Barbara Spiegel415-703-5719
    Jon Wolff415-703-1113
  Medi-Cal Fraud, Bureau Of (San Francisco) 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-John Dower415-703-5785
  Public Rights Division (San Francisco) 
    Antitrust Law Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Kathleen Foote415-703-5555
    Consumer Law Protection 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Ronald Reiter415-703-5511
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Margaret Reiter415-703-5504
    Natural Resources Law Section 
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-John Davidson415-703-5525
    Charitable Trusts Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Belinda Johns415-703-1120
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Kelvin Gong415-703-5510
    Energy And Corporate Responsibility Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Mark Breckler415-703-5569
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Danette Valdez415-703-5714
    False Claims Section 
    Senior Assistant Attorney General-Christopher Ames415-703-5534
    Supervising Deputy Attorney General-Jacqueline Dale415-703-5592

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